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PUSH Ministry Receives Fulton County Community Services Program Grant


We are thrilled to announce that PUSH Ministry, a prominent community housing development organization (CHDO), has been chosen as a recipient of the prestigious Fulton County Community Services Program Grant. This grant will significantly contribute to the organization's mission of providing affordable housing and comprehensive support services to underserved communities in Fulton County. The recognition further solidifies PUSH Ministry's commitment to creating sustainable solutions for those in need.

Empowering Communities through Affordable Housing:

PUSH Ministry has been at the forefront of empowering communities by focusing on the critical issue of affordable housing. Their dedication to creating safe, comfortable, and affordable homes for families facing financial hardships has transformed countless lives. The Fulton County Community Services Program Grant will amplify PUSH Ministry's efforts, enabling them to expand their reach and make an even greater impact on the local community.

Comprehensive Support Services:

PUSH Ministry understands that affordable housing alone is not enough to foster thriving communities. To address this, they have integrated comprehensive support services to uplift residents and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. From financial literacy workshops and job placement assistance to educational programs and health and wellness initiatives, PUSH Ministry ensures that residents have access to a holistic support system.

The Significance of the Fulton County Community Services Program Grant:

The Fulton County Community Services Program Grant is a highly competitive and esteemed grant that is awarded to organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to community development. By selecting PUSH Ministry as a recipient, the grant committee recognizes their outstanding achievements in creating affordable housing and supporting underserved communities.

Future Plans and Collaborations:

With the Fulton County Community Services Program Grant, PUSH Ministry will embark on an exciting phase of growth. The grant will facilitate the development of additional affordable housing units, enabling PUSH Ministry to accommodate more families in need. Moreover, this recognition will open doors to potential collaborations and partnerships, fostering a network of organizations working together towards a common goal of community upliftment.


The Fulton County Community Services Program Grant is a testament to PUSH Ministry's unwavering dedication to improving the lives of underserved communities. As they continue their journey towards creating sustainable solutions for affordable housing, this grant will serve as a catalyst, propelling PUSH Ministry's mission forward. We applaud PUSH Ministry for their remarkable accomplishments and eagerly await the positive impact they will undoubtedly create in Fulton County and beyond.

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