P.U.S.H Ministry helping out the Atlanta Community on Good Friday

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Atlanta, GA- P.U.S.H. Ministry is a transitional program that assists tenants in moving towards permanent housing and maintaining reasonable stability. While their primary goal is to teach budgeting skills and leverage individuals until they are able to maintain independent living with little to no assistance, P.U.S.H. Nation loves to serve their local community. This non-profit is owned by Majesty and Elize Gayle, and they are known to feed the community they serve on holidays with volunteers prepared to spread the love.

Their love for such service was coined “P.U.S.H. For Good” by team member, Erikka Bolding. The team at P.U.S.H. Ministry has donated hundreds of pounds of food in the past and plan to continue catering to the underserved.

A recommendation from their grant consultant combined with P.U.S.H. Ministry's previous events and food drives allowed them to successfully apply and receive a $2,000 grant from GreyStone Power Foundation. This foundation is built upon the strength of GreyStone’s members volunteering to round up their electric bills to the next dollar to provide monetary assistance for nonprofit organizations.

With P.U.S.H. Ministry's determination to P.U.S.H. For Good, the team used the money to buy food and hygiene items to provide to families that are struggling through this pandemic. P.U.S.H. For Good ended up giving away roughly 1,000 lbs worth of items, feeding over 50 families. This Good Friday was an amazing opportunity for P.U.S.H. for Good to serve families in need. “We went to a local motel because we know they have a bunch of families there that can't afford housing or have vouchers to live there for a short period of time”, said Immanuel Gayle.

The entire office pulled up their sleeves and played their role in serving the community. "It brings my heart tremendous joy to be aligned with an organization that is 100% committed to impacting the community of the underserved”, started Erikka Bolding. “The communities share so many similarities with the community I was born and raised in (Brownsville - Brooklyn, NY). To be a part of the positive changes we want to see in these communities has been one of the most empowering and fulfilling stances for me as a humanitarian and I look forward to the countless hearts we will touch, lives we will impact and smiles we will encounter as we PUSH forward in our efforts of love for service", Bolding explained.

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