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Our Founders

Elize & Majesty Gayle

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Love & Business


For many couples, working together blends one too many aspects of their lives, creating difficulties that could otherwise be avoided. However, this power couple allows their differences to serve as their strongest attributes in business. While they continuously work to improve the dynamics of their business relationship, they learned they didn’t have to sacrifice themselves, but instead make room for one another to maximize their own skill sets. As Majesty displayed entrepreneurial qualities early in life, his strengths lie in concrete numbers and the operations of business; Elize, on the other hand, acquired traditional education with corporate experience, specializing in marketing and creativity. They mesh well as the couple completely trusts one another with their strengths, both inevitably bosses in their own right. Majesty described their partnership as a super hero team, where one of them flies and the other runs extremely fast. Elize explained that they are always growing, always learning, yet their mix of strengths make for a perfect recipe.



Investing, Real Estate, and Entrepreneurship


Only 33 and 29 respectively, Majesty and Elize have witnessed impressive professional gains in a variety of qualitative and analytical industries. Although faced with the consequences of a checkered past, Majesty acquired his knowledge of investing and learned the ins and outs of Cryptocurrency. Majesty created a successful exchange with international business, wrote a book, consulted others, and eventually made his exit due to new regulations that no longer served him. Soon after, a mentor who had already realized tremendous success, introduced Majesty to the real estate industry. “I want to go to where conditions are worse and improve the area, because that environment has a huge impact on the people who live there. If we improve the condition of the area, people will elevate their mindsets and make better decisions that serve their best interests”, explained Majesty.


As early as high school, Elize developed an interest for psychology as she studied the subject on a collegiate level, thinking that would be her college major. After realizing she didn’t want to work with people interpersonally, she considered journalism, but felt that industry didn’t work with her long-term goals. Upon further consideration, Elize figured psychology and journalism together made marketing, and she changed her major, working in marketing professionally ever since. Not only did she work with  Edelman, the largest communications agency in the world, but she served in marketing roles for non-profits and government agencies alike. After moving to Atlanta for a job who took her skills for granted, she decided to utilize her talents in her own businesses. Although Elize didn’t train under the mentor as intensely as Majesty, she was forced to pick up real estate knowledge quickly as she explained; “It’s really easy when your back is against the wall”. Though she enjoys wholesaling, she takes more interest in interior design and renovation, as seen on HGTV. Elize admits she envisioned managing an international brand before she met her husband. Majesty introduced a company name that spoke to her soul, and she aspires to make their company a world-renowned business with an amazing influence on the masses.


Improving Distressed Areas Internationally


Following the models of the super successful, Majesty and Elize created multiple correlating companies all performing separate functions. Active members within organizations in their community, they have professional ties to the Urban League, Minority Business Development Agency and the Small Business Association. The couple has also created a hedge fund with the SEC to raise $100 million. Eventually, they plan to take the company public, building trust and rapport before putting it out on the Stock Exchange.


With the first offering, Majesty and Elize plan to use the funds to purchase homes in distressed communities. They will redevelop the homes, bringing them up to standard, by replacing the framing, the walls, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. They will then offer job opportunities to the people living in these communities. This is usually accomplished by hosting a job fair and recruiting individuals who are out of work, yet possess a tremendous amount of skill. Those who can provide general labor such as carrying inventory, or clean-up tasks are just as important for these developments. This power couple takes pride in not only being able to change communities physically through redevelopment, but also the ability to offer opportunities for work experience, fair federal wages, and great treatment in the workspace.


In terms of growth and expansion, Majesty and Elize are planning beyond the first hedge fund as they have goals to acquire more than 1,000 houses nationwide. They seek to purchase homes in large urban communities with predominantly black populations, such as Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore, where there are an undeniable lack of resources. The couple plans to rent them out as affordable or transitional housing for the disadvantaged, including homes for battered women, the homeless, and halfway housing establishments. “This whole process benefits the disadvantaged…we can be profitable while still helping as many people as possible. We don’t have to capitalize off of people’s disadvantages, but believe everybody should play their part, help each other, and benefit from it,” explained Majesty. He admits that some of the issues in poorer communities stem from not owning enough land and property, as he believes real estate is a major key to any real change.


The Point of It All


Both Majesty and Elize admit that joining forces was a wise decision in life and in business. Speaking from a man’s perspective, Majesty noted that getting married and settling down is perceived as a surrender of power to most men, but he would like to relay a different message. “When you commit to the right person, it increases your power, your focus, and you can execute in a different way with no distractions”, he said. The right person serves as fuel to your fire, whereas life’s distractions cause one to lose fuel. He wishes young, black men would view marriage as a power move, as do most successful men, from CEOs to Presidents.


Elize spoke from a woman’s perspective, as she noted that a significant amount of women instead, aspire to be married. In her case, she was independent with a bachelorette lifestyle in which she owned everything she wanted and needed. However, she realized that there is plenty of value in joining with a man in marriage, combining your goals, resources, and knowledge, and rebuilding the community by defining what it means to be a Black family. “It’s not just about making money, but to give back and create more families like yourself”, she reasoned. According to Elize, marriage without goals is simply “glorified dating”, and says both individuals need attainable goals in the real world, as well as goals that are bigger than themselves and their family. Majesty and Elize are living proof that being on a mission with your significant other makes life all the more fulfilling.   


Watch as the couple documents their journey by following Instagram Page: Majesty_Elize   


-Kenya Hadnot                 

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