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Sustainability Statement

PUSH Ministry makes a sustainable impact in low-income communities by redistributing food. Millions of tons of food is wasted in the United States.

Although food is wasted, there are millions of homes that have difficulty affording food to provide to their family members due to lack of resources. In many cases, the food thrown away into landfills is edible and healthy.

PUSH Ministry is positioned as a leader in the community by collecting unspoiled, healthy food and donating it to those in need. By giving quality food, to charities, food banks and homeless shelters, we’re feeding people, supporting our community, and saving that food from going to waste.

We Distribute Over 4,000 pounds of Food per Week!

Our Goals: 

Feed Thousands of People

Distribute 2.5 Million pounds of Food

Provide Jobs to Drivers from Low-Income Communities


Get Involved 

  • PUSH for Good is a group of partnerships led by PUSH Ministry.

  • Community relationships connect us with disadvantaged populations.

  • Our office has a refrigerated storehouse for fresh food, non-perishables and supplies.

  • We have a team of workers who stock the trucks from grocers like Whole Foods, and deliver food to our community partner organizations.

  • The workers bring any additional food to our storehouse and it is given out for free to churches and individuals in need of food.

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