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affordable housing

The purpose of our program is to provide transitional housing services to low-income individuals on section 8. We acquire property in distressed areas, make renovations to the homes and then provide them as affordable housing options to those who are on government assistance.

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supportive resources

We provide supportive resources to these tenants to include mental health services and counseling, credit repair and financial literacy courses. We also provide counseling in regards to parenting and spiritual guidance to assist our residents in enhancing their quality of life.

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food bank

Our program provides free food at our food bank in Atlanta and partners with organizations like Whole Foods and Freshly to combat food insecurity in disadvantaged communities. We’re feeding people, supporting our community, and saving food from going to waste.

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HOME Rehabilitation Program

Through CHIP Grant funding, PUSH Ministry provides the HOME Rehabilitation Program, which offers rehabilitation assistance to homeowners in the City of Atlanta based on the availability of funds, household income, the requests of the homeowner and the conditions of the home.


The PUSH Ministry HOME Rehabilitation Program offers grants for renovation services to low-income individuals to assist them with repairs needed to their home. These grants are used to repair potentially life-threatening hazards that can be found in older homes like imminent health and safety threats, lead based paint, poor indoor air quality, electrical repairs, deferred maintenance problems or code violations.

Painting Ceiling

How Homeowners Can Get Involved

The PUSH Ministry HOME Rehabilitation Program helps low income homeowners renovate their homes through emergency repair loans and deferred payment loan programs. The purpose of the Housing Rehabilitation Program is to bring owner-occupied dwellings up to local and state building codes and to provide more livable and suitable environment for the homeowners, increase property values, and serve as a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. If you are interested in participating in the Home Rehabilitation Program, please complete the application for rehabilitation. 

Homeowner Application

How Contractors Can Get Involved

The Home Rehabilitation Program provides opportunities for contractors to bid on our renovation projects. Contractors will be hired to provide various services including grading, concrete, framing, roofing, plumbing, electricity, energy certified HVAC, flooring, siding, insulation, drywall/sheetrock and interior trim.PUSH Ministry HOME Rehabilitation Program is an Equal Employment Opportunity. All contractors are subject to the policies and procedures manual. Interested Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (MBE/WBE) should complete the form below.

Contractor Application

Food Bank

Sustainability Statement

PUSH Ministry makes a sustainable impact in Kroger communities by redistributing food. Millions of tons of food is wasted in the United States.

Although food is wasted, there are millions of homes that have difficulty affording food to provide to their family members due to lack of resources. In many cases, the food thrown away into landfills is edible and healthy.

PUSH Ministry is positioned as a leader in the community by collecting unspoiled, healthy food and donating it to those in need. By giving quality food, to charities, food banks and homeless shelters, we’re feeding people, supporting our community, and saving that food from going to waste.

We Distribute Over 4,000 Lbs of Food per Week!

Our Goals?

Feed 1,000 People

Distribute 2.5 million lbs of Food

Provide 10 F-T Jobs to Drivers from Low-Income Communities


Get Involved wit Our Food Bank

  • PUSH for Good is a group of partnerships led by PUSH Ministry.

  • Community relationships connect us with disadvantaged populations.

  • Our office has a refrigerated storehouse for fresh food, non-perishables and supplies.

  • We have a team of workers who stock the trucks from grocers like Whole Foods, and deliver food to our community partner organizations.

  • The workers bring any additional food to our storehouse and it is given out for free to churches and individuals in need of food.

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Receive Food

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